Track Calls and SMS

Monitor and Manage all voice calls and SMS made to and from the digital device

Web Access Monitoring

Monitor and Manage the internet surfing on the digital device

Apps Monitoring

Monitor and Manage all the applications installed on the digital device

Track Locations

Geo-fence the expected location and track the actual location against it


A complementary tool to fulfill parental responsibilities in a digital stretch like nowadays – is what I would say for Family Hawk. I feel I can now effectively protect my kids from digital dangers and grow them to be better individuals. Real time information and detailed reports await my one-single- click! I know what they are doing as I am writing this. Family Hawk has really been an obligatory help to me in our world that is loaded with duties, responsibilities and attention hungry things running 24x7.

‘Almost always on the go’ …this statement may describe real life story of an entrepreneur. Now money, whatever it might be able to buy, but it can never replace the need of me parenting my kids. I found Family Hawk as one of the biggest and easiest help for me in this. Now I can protect my kids from the threats of digital world. Great product, exceptional support. Quick and easy to get started with it. Regardless of my not being with them, now I know and control what my kids are doing with phone!

Profession steals away the parenting time which I need to observe and guide my child. Family Hawk is proving to be a savior to me in doing that adequately. Now I know who they are talking to, for how long, their online activities and their movements in or out of the geo-fence which I considered safe for them and carefully created in it. And it’s as easy as five minutes thing to setup and their Support is just a click away. I can work while being assured about my child’s whereabouts.

Poonam Bhardwaj

Ex- Senior Vice President,
India's Leading Bank

Anil Brahmbhatt


Himanshu Tewari

Partner, BMR Advisors


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